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Real estate in Estepona
Spain is a Sunny Paradise for everyone who loves the warmth and the sea. One of the most beautiful towns is Estepona, which is located in Andalusia and attracts millions of tourists every year with its beauty and medieval decoration.

Estepona is a southern town on the Costa del Sol. This is 300 Sunny days a year, rare rains, incredible old streets, fragrant with flowers, and the spirit of old Europe. Citrus fruits and figs grow here, the average temperature is almost 20 degrees Celsius, and many clean beaches make Estepona a favorite holiday destination. Couples in love, families with children and just those who like a leisurely lifestyle, the smell of flowers and salty air love to relax in the town.

Estepona is not a cheap place, because the situation obliges-the Costa del Sol has always been an expensive coast. Buy property in Estepona-profitable and convenient. After all, you can rent it all year round, and a variety of offers will allow you to find housing for every taste.

In the town, it is possible to find budget apartments for 2-3 rooms for 100 thousand euros, but mostly there are apartments and villas of the average price category: 400-800 thousand euros. As throughout Spain, the housing is in good condition, with repairs and swimming pools, huge terraces and panoramic Windows. Almost all apartments and apartments offer interior decoration, sometimes furniture, Parking spaces and other household joys.

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